The research is clear – the early years are the critical years for learning. Children with access to rich resources and positive early learning experiences simply fare much better in school and beyond than children that lack these advantages*.

With this in mind, we at ThinkBox are creating an engaging family of products and programs that spark the imagination and facilitate the learning of young children. ThinkBox products – books, websites, software, and more – use compelling stories, music, and activities to address specific educational objectives in reading, math, social studies, science, the arts , and more. And because each product is built with ThinkBox creative magic, children will gain the most important lesson to love learning.

ThinkBox is proud to work with terrific partners from both the profit and non-profit sectors to achieve our mission. Please explore our various programs or click the links above to learn more about the ThinkBox Early Learning System.

We at ThinkBox hold an image of all children as active and capable learners. From the earliest age, children are eager to grow and learn, and they are equipped with all the tools they need to succeed in school and in life. Armed with their imagination and curiosity, children are always traveling forward, uncovering question after question, idea after idea. As they indulge their curiosity, they develop important academic, social, and emotional skills while they build their own understandings of the world. Most importantly, they become confident, powerful, joyful learners.